Summer is here!  Kids are out on vacation!  Your electricity bill is probably going to be sky high again.  It's hot and we need the AC on.  The kids are home and want to play their video games all day long.  What can you do to save energy and money at the same time without using less AC and keep the kids playing video games.

Home Energy Assistance Living can help you do that.  If your electricity provider is Southern California Edison (SCE), we can help.  We are an authorized service provider contracted with SCE for the Energy Savings Assistance program.

We are committed to help income qualified households participate in their local utility energy savings programs. These programs can qualify the household to have their refrigerator, air conditioner (central and/or wall), and outdoor light fixture replaced with more energy efficient ones.  The replacement program is not limited to just the aforementioned.  It also provides weatherization services if qualified.  During the time of enrollment and assessment, qualifying LED light bulbs and floor standing lamps may be replaced and new smart power strips installation to help start saving energy and money right away!

To find out how, contact us at 626-382-1860.  Please let the associates know that you are interested in the Energy Assistance Program from our website.  Thank you.